Artist Statement
   Years ago this site highlighted pictures that I had been blessed to capture with a camera over many years as a professional Photojournalist.
   At this point most of the galleries are recent and taken in my new "career" using photography as a gift of affirmation to the communities around me.
  As an ethic I focused on those events and groups that the local media tended to overlook; and where the sponsoring group would not otherwise be able to hire someone.  
  And as time has moved on, for the most part, I have settled on just ONE "client" (one that is infinitely challenging and rewarding)...Nature- and in particular as it presents itself in the Esopus Bend Nature Preserve.
  A famous quote of Yann Arthus-Bertrand is: "The Earth is Art, the photographer is merely a witness." I endorse that with the extension that "Life is Art..."  

  (A commitment to the many excellent free-lance photographers still doing this sort of thing for income- I ONLY share downloading privilege with organizations that affirm that they would  NOT otherwise be able to afford work-for-hire relationships)